How much does office drama cost?

Office drama cost calculator: (how many employees do you have) x (how much do you pay them an hour) x 2.8 (average hours per week spent dealing with conflict) = cost of office drama and organizational conflict.

The cattle isn’t fatter on the other side

Good gardening and good management practices facilitate organizational performance by working with what you have. If leadership does not want good employees leaving for marginal increases then they will need to create workplace environments that communicate greater value in the person, position and development of their team members. Leaders have to care for their gardens. 

Running in circles

You can say with integrity that you are busy, but at the end of the day/week you can show very little value for what you have accomplished. Are you running in circles

Book reviews done right

Have you written a book and looking for reviews and promotion? We can help. We love digging into the good work professionals are doing and helping to spread the word.

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